Update on Psoriatic Disease

The Update on Psoriatic Disease represents a traditional meeting in the world of International Rheumatology. The idea was developed by Raffaele Scarpa in 2008 and the first Edition took place in Procida, on May. Already from this first edition, the program of the Update includes the ceremony of VERNA WRIGHT PRIZE followed by a number of invited lectures on different scientific topics of growing interest on rheumatological and/or dermatological subjects. By the Edition of 2014, the program is also enhanced by a VERNA WRIGHT LECTURE on emerging scientific research subjects. By 2011 all Editions took place in Naples.

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By visiting this area you can consult the program of the event and learn about all the topics and information that will be treated.



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Verna Wright Lecture

Visit the site area dedicated to the Verna Wright Lecture Golden Book.


The Verna Wright Prize

The Verna Wright Prize was created by Raffaele Scarpa in 2008, to celebrate the famous English rheumatologist who first developed at University of Leeds an interest in spondarthritis field and particularly in psoriatic arthritis. Verna Wright was an international authority in rheumatology and his internationalism was particularly reflected in his approach to appointing research colleagues, many of whom he attracted from abroad. Several of them, as Raffaele Scarpa, returning home with “Leeds ideas”, disseminated in their countries the lesson they learned during their educational stay. The first edition of the Verna Wright Prize was held in Procida, a little island of the gulf of Naples, in 2008.

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We inform you that the next conference will be in 2024,

for the delivery in person of the Verna Wright Prize 2020/2023.

More details will be available soon.