The Update has the aim of promoting a periodical focus of Experts on all different clinical aspects characterizing Psoriatic Disease.

John Moll, Ignazio Olivieri and Raffaele Scarpa, during a Meeting organized by Olivieri  in Matera on December 2007, launched the project. In 2006 Raffaele Scarpa had already planned in Naples a Conference on Psoriatic Disease the term introduced by Scarpa and Olivieri, which delineated a new approach in understanding etiology, clinical setting, and therapeutic implications of skin and joint manifestations of psoriasis.

The First Edition was held in 2008 in Procida, a little island in the Gulf of Naples while the following Editions (2011,2014 e 2017) were held in Naples.

Today the Update usually includes epidemiologists, geneticists, rheumatologists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists, metabolism and bone specialists, radiologists and ophtalmologists.

Since the 2011 Edition, the program has been enriched with a section where young researchers present their studies (Young Scientists Section) with oral communications selected by a Scientific Committee. This aspect is particularly encouraged and this session is appreciated for the opportunity that gives to motivate young scientists and it favours their interaction with recognized experts who also play a tutorial role.

The Scientific Committee of the Update is formed by a number of Italian and foreign Experts. In particular, all winners of the Verna Wright Prize are included.

The current Scientific Committee is composed by:

Raffaele Scarpa (Napoli) as President
Fabrizio Cantini (Prato)
Francesco Caso (Napoli)
Alberto Cauli (Cagliari)
Francesco Ciccia (Napoli)
Luisa Costa (Napoli)
Salvatore D’Angelo (Potenza)
Antonio Del Puente (Napoli)
Antonio Marchesoni (Milano)
Alessandro Mathieu (Cagliari)
Carlo Salvarani (Reggio Emilia)

Dafna Gladman (Toronto – Canada)
Philip Helliwell (Leeds – UK)
Oliver FitzGerald (Dublin – Ireland)

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We inform you that the next conference will be in 2024,

for the delivery in person of the Verna Wright Prize 2020/2023.

More details will be available soon.